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........not manufactured.

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Proudly Made in Canada by Highly Skilled Canadian Artisans
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Durham Classics established in 1986 produces 1:43 scale handbuilt white metal automotive models for discerning collectors worldwide. We are located in Oshawa, on the north shore of Lake Ontario, Canada, where we produce our models together with a small highly skilled production team.

Unlike mass produced zinc diecast models that are made offshore in large production runs using low cost labour, our models are made in very small quantities (generally 50-250 pieces or less) utilizing considerable handskills. The very low production quantities maintains their collectability. Our models retail for approx. $180.00 - $200.00 each.

We also continue, since 1980, to be the sole producer of handbuilt white metal model automobiles in Canada.

All our items, other than decals and photo etched wheels on some models, are made 100% by us with no parts, castings or components supplied by others. Our business DURHAM CLASSICS has created a varied range of models over the years. These are sought after by enthusiasts worldwide who understand and appreciate the artistry and labour intensity involved in creating a truly handbuilt collectable piece. Each model we produce is therefore viewed as a high quality hand made investment by knowledgeable enthusiasts rather than just another mass produced item.

Julian, Margaret and Nicholas Stewart
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